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More of the Ecker Report

Continued from the previous entry. Note: contains mild profanity.
Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester wrote:
From: Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester
To: "Don Ecker"
Subject: Re: Misrepresentation
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007 15:13:53 +0100

Dear Don Ecker,
I do not appear to have answered your question as to why Farrant should want to "smear" Bishop Manchester.

The online extracts from a work by Bishop Manchester prove a comprehensive explanation. When you access the main page, you need to scroll down and start with the Introduction, moving upward through the seventeen parts which are extracts from Confronting the Devil (Gothic Press, 2007). I was under the impression that you have read some of the bishop's books dealing with vampire cases and some of these would have informed you about the motivation behind Farrant.

The address for this data is:
The main body of text can be found at:


Katrina Garforth-Bles
Farrant's known crime sheet:

Occupation: (since release on parole in autumn 1976):

Unemployed (permanently in receipt of state benefits).

Criminal Convictions:
November 1972 (Barnet Magistrates’ Court):

Indecency in Monken Hadley churchyard (Ecclesiastic Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860).

June 1974 (Central Criminal Court, London):
Malicious damage in Highgate Cemetery by inscribing black magic symbols on the floor of a mausoleum.

Offering indignities to remains of the dead via black magic rites in Highgate Cemetery where photographs were taken of a naked female accomplice amidst tombs.
Threatening police witnesses in a separate case where his black magic associate, John Pope, was subsequently found guilty of indecent sexual assault on a boy named Blackwell. Pope, on his current website, still describes himself as a “master of the black arts.”

Theft of items from Barnet Hospital where the offender worked briefly as a porter in late 1970.
Possession of a handgun and ammunition kept at Farrant address, which also contained a black magic altar beneath a massive mural of a face of the Devil that had featured in various newspapers, not least full front page coverage of the Hornsey Journal, 28 September 1973.

Sentence: Farrant was arrested in December 1973 and held on remand until his trials at the Old Bailey in June 1974. He received a prison sentence of four years and eight months. He was released on parole in the autumn of 1976 and took up residence at a multi-occupied house in a bed-sitting room at [I have opted to remove David's private address -ed.], which he still occupies.
Civil Actions:

Two libel suits brought by David Farrant resulted in the News of the World (on a claim that his publicity-seeking was a substitute for his failed sexual libido) failing to produce their principal defence witness owing to Farrant making sure she remained in her native France, and his losing against the Daily Express (who had accused him of being a black magician and of being insane) where £20,000 court costs were awarded against him. In the News of the World action, which he won on a technicality, he was awarded the derisory sum of £50. The newspaper’s star witness who failed to appear for their defence was Martine de Sacy, an ex-girlfriend of Farrant’s who was identified as the naked female in the infamous “nude rituals trial” at the Old Bailey in 1974. Farrant persuaded her not to appear, causing the News of the World to lose their star witness. Farrant was arrested in December 2002 and charged with the harassment of Bishop Seán Manchester, Mrs Sarah Manchester, Mrs Diana Brewester, and Br Keith Maclean, but the CPS did not prosecute due to Farrant taking great care to stagger the frequency of incidents so that they fell just outside the remit for the minimum number of offences necessary per month for a case to be successfully prosecuted. Farrant is still being monitored by the police.
Other Arrests: Farrant has been arrested on various occasions throughout his life. Those that made the headlines for which he was later not found guilty include being in an enclosed area for an unlawful purpose at Clerkenwell Magistrates Court in August 1970 (because a Highgate Cemetery cannot be defined as an “enclosed area”); arson (along with John Pope), and theft of a corpse and placing it in someone’s vehicle at the Old Bailey trials in June 1974.
It became very apparent to me that I would get nowhere with “KGB”. I finally “caved” in and I wrote her (?) the following note.
“Dear Ms. Garforth-Bles,

Please be advised that under the guise of furthering Anglo/American

relations, I have deleted the post concerning "Lusia-Jacqueline Cooper." I still have several questions regarding the case, I hope either you or perhaps Bishop Manchester will be available to answer.

With regards,

Don Ecker”
Okay, using the “street parlance” sometimes you gotta give a little to get a

little. I wanted to interview Manchester on my radio program. By now however I held out slim hope because he had to know who I was and he had to at least suspect I have a short fuse with someone trying to “bull-shit” me.

Now, allow me a second to relay a short exchange that took place on the Amazon horror chat forum. After I asked if anyone had been aware of the Highgate case, someone chimed in with their belief that Manchester was an “opportunist with the Highgate case. I then stated that I thought he was "either a brilliant opportunist or is vastly deluded" and that came back to haunt me in my next email from “KGB”.
To be continued...

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