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Now Stop...Ecker Time!

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Now you say you want to follow up her cause of death?
Well sir, again, here is where fact and fiction get mixed up.
Jacqueline Cooper was his live in lover and common law wife.
His first wife, Marie, divorced him on grounds of adultery and named Jacqueline Cooper as Co-respondent on the Decree Nisi Absolute.”

“Jacqueline is listed under a series of surnames, one being Jacqueline Manchester, although they were never married.

So you see sir, Lusia was actually his common law wife who he had used for a series of publicity stunts around the same time.”
Now, when I had requested what John Spencer might be able to “dig up” concerning this death and burial, John found nothing. This is what Farrant’s research had to say regarding the burial of Lusia. (And once again, the Manchester group, nor Manchester would speak to me concerning any of this information. Pretty odd for someone that alleges that the dreaded undead are stalking the land.)
“In his book, he claims that after he killed her, he buried her in the Great Northern Cemetery. Not true.
One of our researchers got in touch with the administration department of the cemetery prior to their renovation which saw hundreds of old graves bulldozed for a housing complex to be built over. She confirmed that no woman called Lusia or Jacqueline Cooper had been buried in the year stated in his book. Furthermore, no woman matching the age that Lusia would have been, was buried in any grave in that time frame.

Realistically, what we have here, is a man claiming to have killed his common law wife and buried her in a cemetery. Were it true, then he would have been arrested for publicly admitting his crime.”
I asked Farrant on the show about the decades long feud that has existed between Sean Manchester and himself and as he said “I could hardly deny that, it is a matter of public record.”
I mentioned on the air that I had invited Manchester to do a show, but that according to Manchester’s National Secretary, Katrina Garforth-Bles,
“Dear Don Ecker,

In October 1970, Bishop Manchester announced that he would not engage in any programme, project or debate that includes the interloping charlatan and selfpublicist David Farrant. He is not about to overturn that decision thirty-seven years later.”
According to Farrant this was a rather odd thing to allege because David Farrant stated on the record that Manchester had not only written him while in prison, but when Farrant was released Manchester interviewed him. When I asked him why the FoBSM would tell me the above if that were not the case, he simply stated they were lying.
According to Farrant, the audio clip I had played on the show that Manchester’s “FoBSM” group had sent to me was from that interview and had Farrant making the following statement,
“As to the question of whether a vampire exists in Highgate Cementery [sic], well I can only say yes.”
Farrant went on to state that about 1977-78 during that interview, Manchester told him that he (Manchester) wanted to write a book on the Highgate Vampire and detail David Farrant’s involvement in the case. Farrant stated on the show that Manchester had brought a small tape recorder to his “flat” and requested permission to tape him, then told Farrant what he wanted him to say. (This must be a British thing) Farrant went on to state that over the years this tape was altered using clips from the tape that were mis-leading. One example involved what Farrant claimed was his explanation of “white magic vs. the dark arts.” Farrant went on to explain that he broke down the differences of “Wicca vs. Black Magic” and explained that Wicca had two deities, a male represented by the Sun, and a female represented by the Moon. He said that in early Wicca, Lucifer meant the “Light Bringer” and later in the early Christian Church, in an effort to “demonize” pagan beliefs, turned Lucifer into the Christian devil. Manchester asked him if he “worshipped Lucifer” and Farrant said that in respect to how he just explained Lucifer, that yes he did. Farrant then went on to state that later Manchester took this out of context to discredit him.

One of the really funny anecdote’s as relayed by David Farrant involving Sean Manchester, were rumor’s that circulated that there was a “duel to the death” by swordplay that was supposed to have taken place in France. Farrant alleges that Manchester himself circulated a photograph that showed his “dead body” along with a obituary of Manchester. Farrant told me that in the “obit” and photo of the “dead” Manchester, gore and all was a solicitation for funds so his body could be shipped back to Glastonberry [sic], a place that had been “near and dear” to Manchester. The upshot was when the Highgate CID (Criminal Investigative Divison) showed up at Farrant’s flat and asked him what he had done with Manchester’s body? Farrant was very amused and decided to be “funny” and told them that since Manchester’s death was outside UK jurisdiction they should contact Interpol! He said that the investigators were not amused. “I didn’t know what to tell them” he went on to say “because I didn’t know where his body was!”
To be continued...

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