Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Farrant Tries a Few Curveballs

David's been resorting to his usual tactic when I confront him with his claims regarding "never believing" in vampires, as well as his continued use of the term.

You know, that whole "why dig up a 40 year old case" business and crap like this:
I am really not interested in that particular case anymore, Anthony, It is DEAD (excuse the pun!) there are far more many genuine cases of psychic phenomena to be investigated apart from that one!
It's funny, because all one has to do is check out his blog to see how "DEAD" he considers this case to be:
I have been asked to give another Talk soon on latest reports about a ‘vampire-like figure’ that has been sighted again in and around Highgate Cemetery. These reports seem to have escalated again in recent years, but luckily I have most of these witnessed experiences on record, with appropriate permission to use them for future books, Talks, etc. This is what I shall be doing at the end of March during this next Talk, although I’ll keep everyone informed with more precise details nearer the time. For the moment though, here are a couple of newspaper articles to give the basic background.
Not to mention getting all defensive when I point out that for someone who doesn't believe in vampires, and doesn't like being associated with them, he sure likes using the tag:
I told you then, as I’m doing again here, I do NOT believe in ‘vampires’ – full stop. If the Press chose to term the phenomenon a ‘vampire’ in the distant past, the , so what? That had nothing to do with myself. If two of my books are titled “Return of the Vampire Hunter” and “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire”, then ‘so what?’ again.? I did not chose the titles; the editors did as a point of reference. And why not? That’s what that particular entity at Highgate Cemetery had become termed as publicly.
It's also funny that he tries to wash his hands of the term's use in those book titles, which would be understandable...if it wasn't for the fact that his own publishing house (British Psychic and Occult Society Press) was responsible for them.

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