Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two More Bite the Dust

Just noticed that Net Curtains Lurkers is no more. Here's their final blog entry, "That's All Folks":

No one has any time to keep up this blog, so this is the last post. The Posse is grateful we still have jobs after our company cut positions and downsized. In all honesty, no one has given this blog or the “Highgate Affair” any thought until we received an email about us on another blog. Sorry to disappoint, but most people over age 17 have jobs so we are busy with those and cannot live vicariously on the internet. We all have bills and mortgages that must be paid. As the US does not have a dole, that means we must work or get our collective asses kicked to the curb.

The website will remain up as an archive until the rent runs out, so copy all this garbage to your heart’s content. After that, it will vanish into thin air.

And guys, get a life will ya?

A shame to see 'em exit the stage, as they provided some good posts during their (brief) involvement in the Highgate affair.

I am wondering who e-mailed them that reference to my blog entry, but it appears to have been misconstrued. Nonetheless, I wish 'em all the best with their future endeavors.

The second blog to bite the dust (even if it wasn't Highgate-related), is Catherine's I Did It My Way.

After Dennis' round of blather (and a follow-up comment), I checked to see if Catherine had responded to my queries yet.

Not only hadn't she, but looks like she went and deleted the whole damn blog. Ah wells, better luck next time.

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