Thursday, February 4, 2010

Forget What You Know about Paranormal Research

Psychic research is closely affiliated with parapsychology.

It gets a bit of a bad rep with scientists, who generally regard "the discipline as pseudoscience because parapsychologists continue investigation despite not having demonstrated conclusive evidence of psychic abilities in more than a century of research."

Fortunately, there are people like Dave to uphold the cause.

I mean, how can you argue with a guy who asserts, "I am a psychic investigator, and I simply don’t swallow fiction, whether it be forthcoming from skeptics, charlatans, or other investigators involved in my own field."

Thanks to his interview for The X-Factor, we've also got an insight into his investigative methods and application of scientific rigor to the cases he investigates:
What's a protective talisman?

I am not really allowed to go into that. It was just a talisman containing certain symbols of protection, used to counteract or rather reverse psychic energy. some people would argue that the only meaning it has is symbolic, rather like the Christian cross is used to ward off vampires, but it does work in some cased and if it does it has fulfilled its purpose.
Bugger TriField Meters and all that other junk!
And what kind of 'protective work' did the Society carry out?

At the initial stages, I asked the woman to send me an object that was closely linked to herself - a necklace or a ring - as this helps us form a psychic link with her. Once this was established, I was in a better position to try and reverse the energy of whatever it was that was attacking her.
Geiger counters? Ion detectors? Pfft!
How did you do this?

There are certain methods I can't really talk about. But the Society get together to form a psychic chain and direct the psychic energy towards the person in question., a bit like an exorcism. We very rarely do this unless its a very serious case, and this was a very serious case.
We're clearly dealing with a man who knows his [bleep]!
Why can't you talk about it?

There are certain things we're not supposed to discuss and, even if we did, people wouldn't really understand them. But there are certain talismans, symbols and words that contain power if they are utilized in the right manner. Its nothing sensational, but its kept secret because some of them have been known for centuries and have been handed down. One of the reasons for secrecy is that if they become known, they'd be abused.
And vampires? Yeah, he's got that covered too.

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