Friday, February 5, 2010

Manchester vs. Google

Plagiarism is defined as "the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work."

For this entry, we'll be dealing with a plagiarist I've covered before.

A reader named Ruben, took the time to ask Bishop Manchester what he thought about U. S. President, Barack Obama.

Rather than his own thoughts, the Bishop replied with reams of unacknowledged, copy-n-paste text and incorporated the antiquated use of the terms "negro" and "mulatto".

This is especially interesting, considering that portions of the Bishop's "reply" (and picture of Obama with halo) are stolen from "Saint Obama or Another Uncle Tom?", an article on the British National Party website.

In case you're not familiar with the BNP, here's a little something from its Wikipedia article (footnotes omitted):
The BNP seeks to restore the overwhelmingly white ethnicity of Britain that existed prior to 1948 through legal means, including "firm but voluntary incentives for immigrants and their descendants to return home", and the repeal of anti-discrimination legislation. It believes that there are significant differences between races. The party is ostracised by mainstream political parties in the UK.
Now we'll come to the huge chunks stolen from Joseph Farah's "Obama: Never a Christian" article for WorldNetDaily.

It might be hard to recognise at first, because Manchester changed Farah's opening line...
In making his endorsement of Barack Obama , former Secretary of State Colin Powell made a religious assertion that cannot stand unchallenged. this:
The first mulatto American Negro Secretary of State (under George W Bush), Colin Powell, made this religious assertion about Obama
Note the continued emphasis on "negro" and "mulatto".

The paragraphs between that line and "Obama may not be a practicing Muslim, but Obama is certainly no follower of the Lord Jesus Christ" are ripped-off from Farah's article.

In summarising "Where Barack Hussein Obama II stands on the issues", the Bishop decided to steal chunks of Jean M. Heimann's blog entry, "Barack Obama: The Most Anti-Catholic Presidential Candidate", for Catholic Fire, right down to "As you can see, his views are extreme and his record is that of a hard - core radical liberal, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian in every aspect on human life and family issues."

The final paragraph of the Bishop's blog entry is taken from the aforementioned "Saint Obama or Another Uncle Tom?" article.

So, in summary:
  • The Bish is a blatant plagiarist ("Thou shalt not steal", anyone?).
  • Has possible racist tendencies, due to his use of antiquated terms and pilferings from BNP sources.
  • Has great difficulty providing his own opinions on subjects he's asked about.
In that regard, you're probably better off Googling answers to your queries, rather than asking him directly.


Baldry's Cat said...

Wow, good work. I knew the bishop routinely plagiarized wikipedia for answers on his Q&A page, but I never knew he was such a blatant supporter of the BNP's rhetoric.

Anthony Hogg said...

There's other content in his blog that has been pilfered from the BNP, but I hesitate to provide it, lest that page "mysteriously" disappear, too!

I think I vaguely recall David saying something about the Bishop's BNP links at some other point in time?

Also, check out "Ask a Plagiarist" for more examples of his dodgy doings.

It goes without saying that his chum, Deme (Dennis) and Arminius engage in the same practice.

What a startling co-incidence!


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