Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just to Clarify

In the Arcadia forum, I referred to David's alleged sightings of "7 foot tall, red eyed beings that hide behind cemetery gates" at Highgate.

He said, "I am asking you what YOU believe - not your interpretation of what you think I saw."

For the record, I did answer his question(s).

But, just to clarify, here's what David claims to have actually seen:
His own encounter with the ‘entity’, as he cautiously calls it, is still vivid in his mind: “The only way that I can describe it is that it looked so real that at first I thought it was real. I saw this eight feet tall figure and two points of red light which I took to be his eyes, and at first I thought it was just somebody messing about frightening people, because by that time there had been a lot of press coverage on the sightings. But then, although it was a bitterly cold night, I felt the temperature drop. It was as if you opened the fridge door and put your hands into the ice box”.
The apparition vanished after some seconds leaving a sense of ‘intense evil’.
So, my mistake. I should've said eight feet tall. Glad to set the record straight there.

Of course, this doesn't discount the revisionisms in the Case that I've written about elsewhere.

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