Friday, February 5, 2010

Rumbled Plagiarist Takes Evasive Action!

I've previously stated that the Bishop reads my blog.

Sure, he doesn't directly acknowledge it, but it's pretty obvious when he alters or deletes writings I show to be plagiaristic and such.

Since I rumbled him in "Manchester vs. Google", his blog entry concerning Barack Obama has mysteriously disappeared:

A shame, indeed, as I reported his plagiarism to Jean M. Heimann, author of one of the sources he stole a chunk of his "reply" from. I linked her to "Manchester vs. Google", so she could see for herself.

She might not get to see his post now, but I had enough foresight to save it.

A word to the wise, in dealing with the various online incarnations of the Highgate Vampire: make sure you save the pages you cite!

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