Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goosestepping with the BNP?

I recently came across Richard Bartholomew's blog entry, "'Master of the Black Arts' to Speak at Springbok Club" which contains a little bit of info on our favourite miscreants.

It's nice to see that despite David's insistence that he does...
not find the ‘feud’ interesting [...] but one-sided, and extremely petty minded on the part of the ONE person who instigates all this nonsense against myself whilst hiding behind aliases
...that Bartholomew recognises their two-sided "sparring" for what it is:
For several decades he [John Pope-de-Locksley -ed.] and his occultist associate David Farrant have been in a feud with Sean Manchester, a bishop of the Old Catholic Church who pops up on TV from time to time with tales of battling vampires and other paranormal manifestations.
According to Bartholomew, the Springbok Club "agitates for the return of white rule over Africa."

The link in the chain here, of course, is John Pope-de-Locksley.

acknowledges him as "an associate of David Farrant". To cement the connection further, Pope-de-Locksley also mentions that he's "head of the junior department of the Highgate Vampire Society", which, of course, was founded and still presided over by Farrant.

Pope-de-Locksley also happens to be the nephew of Bill Binding, a former member of the BNP.

So, what we now have are two Vampire Society figureheads, with possible connections to racist organisations.

In the Bishop's case, I've established that he plagiarises from BNP sources and tries to cover it up through deceptive means.

In David's case, there's a more explicit allegation, as found in the thread on Alexander Lucard's "Vampire Hunter Drama Part 3", left by "Anonymous" (2006-06-02 07:56 am UTC):
What was the significance of the symbol of a rune beneath an eagle on WWP [Wicca Workers Party -ed.] posters circulated by Farrant in the late 1970s? This same rune was being employed at the time by the extremist Column 88 group. It is now used by the BNP youth movement. There are slogans on the posters that bear an uncanny resemblance to Neo-Nazi slogans. Any comments?
To try and untangle this mess, I left a comment on Bartholomew's "'Master of the Black Arts' to Speak at Springbok Club". Let's hope we can solve this mystery.

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