Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Unique Perspective

Catherine Fearnley has been on both sides of the fence. She was a former moderator on VRS-affiliated forums and later became the Secretary of the British Psychic and Occult Society (see here) and Regional Secretary of the Highgate Vampire Society (see this thread and this one).

She was also
his girlfriend at the time:
As being David's girlfriend I might like to add that I am in contact with him every day via telephone and will be staying with him in June. Long distance relationships can and do work and this is one example and we are firmly at ease with the situation.
A status also acknowledged by Alexander Lucard. However, by August 2007, she had changed tack:
Barbara and Catherine have not arrived just Catherine. So please get your facts right. I am not fighting anyone’s battle on here except my own. You think it’s right to get your mates sending death threats through my email account and yet haven’t got the courage or the guts to face me personally. Says it all. The reason why they sent the death threats through the email is because they knew damn well that the police wouldn’t do anything because it’s not face to face. Very cowardly is it not. I happen to agree with the informative one (the genuine one) however, that talk is cheap and it shows the true mentality of the people publishing these false and malicious statements. And Farrant’s books are equally delusional.
So why the switch?

She vaguely alludes to it in her MySpace blog entry, "Welcome":
Hopefully now most of the harassment has now stopped regards to these people although my name keeps cropping up every now and then. Really a 40 odd year feud needs laying to rest, not only that but people who are obsessed by certain celebrities need to get a life like I have. You can like somebody without being so obsessed by them that you start attacking not only the celebrity in question but also their fans as well simply because they have contact with said celebrity every now and then. I will not allow this person to spoil my friendship that I have with this celebrity because the next time they threaten me they will receive a solicitors letter. They really are trying my patience big style.
I've decided to ask her directly, via her "Wintry Scenes" entry on I Did It My Way:

For the record, my reference to us speaking "some time ago" occurred when she was a moderator of the HVS board and I was more actively involved in my forum. You'll also see that we had an inter-forum "correspondence" of sorts (forgive the horrible formatting of the posts).

Either way, let's hope she responds.

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