Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Not a One-Sided Feud

I've exposed David's nonsensical claim that the feud is "one-sided, and extremely petty minded on the part of the ONE person" for the lie it is here, and now I'll present another source that confirms this.

Shawn Lindseth's "Awesome or Off-Putting: The Highgate Vampire & Its Clashing Hunters" discusses the Case, surmising it thusly:
Since the great Highgate hunt there's been at least one arrest, jail time served, and the alleged staking of the vampire as it was found in the basement of a house. There were even rumours that Manchester and Farrant would face off in a magicians duel of sorts.

As to whether or not the vampire ever actually existed – the only direct accounts come from these two. Are they just trying to sell their books? And are those books even close to honest accounts? We have no idea.

But it's interesting.

The ensuing bombardment of comments on Lindsdeth's blog entry, also attest to it being much more than a "one-sided" affair.

As further proof, have a read through Alexander Lucard's "Vampire Hunter Drama Part 3" thread.

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