Sunday, February 7, 2010

Making a Difference

Once again, the Bishop has decided to misrepresent the issue at hand (i.e., that he's a plagiarist who stole material from BNP sources, among others) and turn his deception outward.

He's conveniently tried to hide this fact in this comment posted to his "Political Affiliation" blog entry (after deleting my own), so that all readers and followers of his blog, who aren't familiar with my own, will think rather nasty things about me:

This garbage from a "man of the cloth", no less (or is he?).

Let me ask you, dear reader, if one clearly proves a "writer" is a plagiarist, then asks the plagiarist in question to acknowledge/admit to it - would you classify such entreaties as "offensive remarks"?

No matter, though. If he really is a man of Christ, then he's well-aware of the spiritual consequences of his deceptive actions.

The proof of his plagiaristic ways and deceptive counter-measures are chronicled in the following saga:
  1. Manchester vs. Google
  2. Rumbled Plagiarist Takes Evasive Action!
  3. The Bishop and the BNP
  4. Comment Vanishes
  5. Sneaky Bish
  6. Won't Even Admit It, Despite Being Caught Red-Handed
  7. About Friggin' Time!
  8. Bishop Finally Acknowledges Pilfering BNP Material. Sort Of.
On the plus side, the Bishop at least finally acknowledges reading my writings, as he gives away by referring to my contributions in "various blogs and forums, not least [my] own".

I established that the Bishop reads up on my stuff, previously, despite objections (which you'll see in the comments).

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