Monday, July 19, 2010

Gadget Busts the Bish

Sure, the Bishop can pretend his plagiarised St. Bonaventure post never existed, but how can he account for its lingering presence on a Blogger "gadget"?

On the righthand side of this blog, you'll see a "Reading List". It's a collection of blogs I've collected that relate to the Highgate Vampire Case and/or the personages associated with it. It's connected to an RSS feed, which relays the latest blog entries they've posted.

Blogger has many "gadgets", that is, applications that can be added to your blog to jazz it up a bit. The "Reading List" in question, was formulated using one called "Blog List". Anyone with a Blogger account can add it to their own blog.

Funny thing is, the Bishop obviously wasn't counting on it confirming the presence of a plagiarised post he tried to hide after I caught him red-handed. You see, even if you delete a post, the gadget still marks its presence until you write a new one. Now, because the Bishop hasn't written anything new on The Truth Shall Set You Free (ironic title) since the Bonaventure post, there's still presently a record of its existence. Nice try, Bish!

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