Sunday, July 18, 2010

Onto a New Arcadia

Despite my terrible experience with Arcadia, I've decided to jump back onto the forum bandwagon. All thanks to a Black Orchid.

"Clarmonde" was someone I occasionally bantered with over at Arcadia. She's lately become acquainted with Dave, as attested by her comments on his blog. However, one of her comments addressed meself:
By the way,Anthony ,ive been reading your blog,Does aWampyr walk in Highgate.Also been posting on the Supernatural World under the name Blackorchid.Someone is asking questions on Arcadia on demons ,which was quite interesting,but i am pissed off with Arcadia at the moment,as they seem to keep on chopping bits out of posts,when its ridiculous.& warnings from Arcadia,and i dont really think this was fair at all.I think someone is just mucking about.Dont know why.
I checked out The Supernatural World. Seemed alright. So, I decided to join it. Registered today, in fact. You can read my first two postings (in order) here and here. To be honest, I kinda miss the banter from Arcadia. It had some entertaining and interesting members (hope you can read this, Hugo First!).

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