Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stalker Dave

During the quest to gain information on David's new book, Pact with the Devil, I've had to put up with his usual dodgy answers. But one of his latest comments goes beyond mere shadiness and reveals the darkness behind the jovial facade.

I've given warnings about allowing your personal info to fall into VRS hands (see: here and here). This policy isn't just restricted to them, though. You see, while in the midst of yet another sales pitch, David lets on that he's just as capable of harvesting personal info from his "enemies", too:

When the VRS started using my real name, publicly, while I was utilising an alias, the source of their info was easy to trace: it was me. All because of a bloody e-mail I sent them; its address incorporated my actual name. A big goof on my part.

But in this case, what makes Dave's allusion especially disturbing, is that I haven't sent him or anyone he knows my home address! And I obviously haven't posted it up anywhere on the web. So, here's what I wrote back:

Will he respond directly or will it be brushed aside with yet another sidetracking response? Will he bother replying at all? I'll keep ya posted.

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