Friday, July 16, 2010

What Would St. Bonaventure Do?

In the previous post, I openly wondered if the Bishop was too busy on his birthday to write up a sermon of his own, instead of pinching one from elsewhere.

I decided to do the decent thing and ask the Bishop himself. Here's the comment I wrote on "his" St. Bonaventure sermon:
Hiya Bishop,

Were you too busy with birthday stuff to write your own sermon? I see you've cribbed this one from the Doctors of the Catholic Church's "St. Bonaventure" page.

I guess all that stuff about "truth" and "humility" went over your head, eh? Heh heh.
Unfortunately, the only record you'll have of it is my quote, as the comment's pending approval.

And I say "unfortunately" because if my online interactions with the Bishop have taught me anything, it's that he can be rather censorious and, let's say, selective in interpreting my comments. And by selective, I mean encouraging the idea that I'm an anti-Catholic homosexual (even though I'm neither) because I have the audacity to directly address the Bishop about his plagiaristic ways.

So, we'll see how this one pans out.

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