Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Reconciliatory Efforts

Despite Barbara's claim that I'm a "rabble rowser" [sic], even she's probably aware of my efforts in trying to get Manchester and Farrant to resolve their differences.

Even though David likes to pretend that the feud between his "side" and Manchester's is a one-sided affair, it's clear that it helps keep their respective careers afloat. At the very least, by "dismantling" their competition. During my usual coverage of the shenanigans these two sides engage in, a shining light emerged during "discussions" on John Baldry Cat's blog, The Cat's Miaow.

It was clear that after forty years, all the claims and counter-claims by both parties were getting pretty circular and not really going anywhere, so why not try another approach: reconciliation. The following is a chronicle of my attempts to get the two to meet up.

  1. Laying Down the Gauntlet
  2. One Step Closer
  3. Stumbling Block?
  4. Flies at the Picnic
  5. I'm Not Liking This
  6. Ok, Now We're Getting Somewhere
  7. Postscript to the Previous Post
  8. More Pussyfooting Around
  9. Glimmer of Hope Still Remains
  10. Trying to Restore Some Balance
  11. Popping in to Check-Up on Things
  12. I'm Checking In
  13. They Can't Bloody Help Themselves

So, if I'm a mere "rabble rowser", then I've at least had a crack at building a bridge between the two sides. Can Barbara claim the same thing?

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